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  • What are the countries of interest?
  • How do you fund exploration projects?
  • What is the process adopted for acquiring blocks?
  • What is your spread of assets?
  • What is BPCL’s global E&P presence (No of Blocks) through BPRL?
  • What are your SPVs/subsidiaries ?
  • How many offices BPRL has in India & Abroad?
  • How is BPRL’s acreage distribution?
  • In how many blocks did BPRL have discoveries so far?
  • How many wells have been drilled so far in Mozambique/ Indonesia / Brazil?
  • What is a present categorization of BPRL?

Besides India, presently, BPRL has participating interest (PI) in exploration blocks in Brazil, Mozambique, East Timor, Indonesia and Australia. Further, BPRL has BPRL has also signed definitive agreements to acquire stakes of companies in Russia which have oil & gas producing assets in their portfolio.

The budgets provided for Upstream activities are approved as part of BPCL’s overall plan budget and are hence dovetailed into our overall Corporate budget. Funding (for BPRL and its subsidiaries) is through both equity and loans.

In case of blocks won through bidding rounds, the process involves purchase of data/tender, study of the data, technical / commercial / legal evaluation, and bidding. For Farm-in blocks, the process involves study of data in house and also through external consultant, and technical & commercial evaluation and bidding. In both of the above, partnering with reputed operators/ companies is considered important.

Currently, in India, acreages are available mostly through the NELP bidding rounds. Our assets abroad are acquired either through bidding rounds, company acquisition (Brazil) or through farm-in (Australia, Mozambique, Indonesia). Currently, BPRL has 7 blocks in India and 10 blocks abroad.

Continent Country No. of blocks
South America Brazil 6
Africa Mozambique 1
Asia Indonesia 1
  India 7
Australia Australia 1
  East Timor 1
  1. BPRL International B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of BPRL incorporated in the Netherlands as a holding company for some of our overseas projects. There are separate SPVs for most of our overseas projects (except those in Australia), as follows:
    • For Brazil Project
      • BPRL Ventures B.V. , incorporated in The Netherlands
      • IBV Brasil Petroleo Ltda , JV incorporated in Brasil
    • For East Timor Project
      • BPR-JPDA Ltd, incorporated in India
    • For Mozambique Project
      • BPRL Ventures Mozambique B.V., incorporated in The Netherlands
    • For Indonesia Project
      • BPRL Ventures Indonesia B.V., incorporated in The Netherlands
  2. BPRL International Singapore Pte Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of BPRL incorporated in the Singapore for acquisition of companies in Russia.. This Company has following SPVs :-
    • Taas India Pte Ltd – JV incorporated in Singapore
    • Vankor Indian Pte Ltd – JV incorporated in Singapore

BPRL has four offices in India i.e. 2 in Mumbai 1 each in Ahmedabad and Chennai. Further, BPRL has Joint Venture company in Brazil wherein BPRL has posted 1 employee. BPRL Mozambique BV has one employee posted at Maputo. In addition BPRL has 4 Foreign Subsidiaries in Netherlands.

BPRL’s total acreage : 24375 sqkm, of which around 21450 sqkm ( around 88%) is offshore

There has been twenty two discoveries so far a) seven in Brazil and b) ten in Mozambique and c) one each in Indonesia, Australia and three in India (MD-3, PN-8, MD-6s (Oil from Kamalapuram formation) and TNG-1 (gas from both basement & Kamalapuram formation).

Mozambique - 40
Brazil – 21
Indonesia - 4

BPRL was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of BPCL in the year 2006 and thereafter categorized as Schedule C Company by the DPE. Subsequently, considering the further significant developments in BPRL, Govt. of India vide their letter dated 19.11.2013 categorized BPRL as a Schedule ‘B’ Company.